We are Blueprint, an inner-city church in Central Wellington. Through our weekly services, community initiatives, and live-in missional communities, we seek to bring the message, spirit, and reign of Jesus to the forgotten corners of our city.

We've recorded an album to serve as a snapshot of a special moment in the life of the Blueprint Community, reflecting two important changes for us: Our continuing journey of discovery as a pioneer mission unit in the Anglican Church, and the sending of ten of our most beloved friends to re-plant St Jude’s - a dormant Anglican Church in Lyall Bay.



Eight tracks in total, this album captures some of the songs that have arisen from our last few years journeying together, as well as arrangements of liturgical prayer from A New Zealand Prayer Book : He Karakia Mihinare o Aotearoa.

It’s about the reconciliation that Christ brings in every sphere of our lives and our world. Reconciliation between us and God, between old and new, and between peoples in Aotearoa. Reconciled draws from ancient liturgy and scripture, and our unique experience as a community trying to reconcile the broken things in our central Wellington neighbourhood.