We are not worthy
even to gather the crumbs
from the table where You’re sitting
But You are the same Lord
whose nature has always been
to have mercy on Your Children

Grant us, therefore,
gracious Lord,
the body and blood
of Your beautiful son,
Jesus Christ

Lamb of God,
Have mercy on us

Haere mai, come to the table
to recieve Jesus’ body and blood
We will give thanks
We will give thanks

Known to You

Eternal Spirit, Living God,
we live and move and have our being in You
All that we are, all we have been and shall ever be
is known to You, is known to You

To the secret of our hearts
and all that rises to trouble us
All that we are, all we have been and shall ever be
is known to You, is known to You

Living flame, burn into us
cleansing wind, blow through us
fountain of water, well up in us

This is our worship,
that we may love You,
praise You in Spirit and in truth
Your love moves us
that we may be Your
hands and feet in all we do


Spirit of the living God

Spirit of the living God
fall afresh on me
wake me from my sleep
You are the true God
the Lamb upon the throne
the eternal King

My soul longs for You            
for the living God

You are living water
a well within my soul
Spirit overflow
Deep calls to deep
Your breakers and Your waves
are sweeping over me

We worship the Living God
water to dry ground
life to dry bones
Created to be with You
we have found our home
life to our souls


He Tapu te Ariki

When we turned away, You called us back
You gave Your son to share His life
Freed us from our sin, the perfect sacrifice

With all the faithful who rest in Him
With angels and all of Heaven
We proclaim Your name
We give You praise and say

Tapu, tapu, he tapu te Ariki
    (Holy, holy, holy Lord)
Te Atua o te mana me te kaha,
    (God of power, God of might)
kī tonu te rangi me te whenua
    (Heaven and earth are full...
i tōu korōria. Ōhana i runga rawa
    ...of your Glory. Hosanna in the highest)

You overcame, defeated death
You made us holy, You made us Yours
You sent Your spirit to give us life




Ruler in the heavens
For our sake made poor
You make a cross Your throne
You wear a crown of thorns
Our lives are not our own
You bought us at a price
So we choose to follow
The way of Jesus Christ

So we yield
We yield
You are worthy
You are worthy

Glory to the Risen One
Not our will but Yours be done
Here, may Your Kingdom come
We will serve the Son

The Eucharist

The bread and the wine, 
Your body and Your blood
You laid down Your life, 
we remember

Forgiveness of sins, 
we are reconciled
We lay down our lives, 
we remember

You make us one, we’re Your body, 
we were once far off
but You broke down all the walls that divide
By Your blood we’ve become Your children, 
You have made a way
You’re leading us out of death into life

Jesus, Lamb of God, 
You take away
the sin of the world
We thank You for Your life,
Your sacrifice, 
all glory to You


Spirit Breathe

Spirit breathe, 
Spirit breathe on us
Spirit breathe, 
Spirit breathe, blow off the dust

We come with our burdens,
Weary from our lives,
To Your holy throne
We lay them down

Who is like You, Lord?
Who is like You, Lord?
You came down and shared in our pain,
Lived a holy life for our sake

Who is like You, Lord?
Who is like You, Lord?
Covering our lives in Your grace
Covering our lives in Your grace

You cover our lives with Your grace


Glory to the Father and to the Son
And to the Holy Spirit
As it was in the beginning, it is now
And shall be forever, Amen.